The Pros And Cons Of Fibre Cement Siding

The Pros And Cons Of Fibre Cement Siding

Fibre cement is a construction material used for roofing and façade products due to its strength and durability. It is made from cellulose fibre, cement, water and sand along with other additives to give it certain characteristics. It is one of the most important part of building materials that are long lasting. plaster supplies Melbourne retail James Hardie fibre cement which is resistant to water and termites and does not burn. One of the main uses for it is fibre cement siding to cover the exterior of residential as well as commercial buildings. The product can be painted beforehand at the factory or can be painted onsite and is manufactured in a variety of textures such as rough or smooth finish.

Here are some advantages of fibre cement siding:

It is one of the most durable products on the market and is crack resistant and does not rot. Many buildings built in areas prone to hurricanes and strong winds use it because it can withstand such threats. Pest such as termites and woodpeckers that attack the conventional wood siding do not show the same interest in fibre cement.

The ingredients of this siding do not degrade into harmful substances which is the case with PVC siding. Many landfills have areas that are high in toxins due to PVC siding disposal. The materials used in making fibre cement are also sustainable.

It lasts for a long time; product that is back coated can last for 75 years while non-back coated products last for 50 years. Guarantees are also provided on fading and peeling for up to 15 years.

If there is a house fire then wood siding only adds fuel to the flame and PVC siding can melt and fall off. Fibre cement siding is resistant to heat and fire and does not help in spreading the fire.

Very little maintenance is required; it does not need to be painted or touched up and needs the occasional spray of water to clean it.

Some of the disadvantages are:

Compared to other forms of siding, fibre cement has lower insulation capabilities.

It is also more expensive as compared to others.

The product is heavy and requires an experienced crew and special tools to install it. The job cannot be done by yourself and contractors have to be hired which adds to the cost.

James Hardie fibre cement products are ideal if you want to enhance your house or building with siding. They are stylish and have the flexibility to suit any kind of building. They also don’t warp and swell like wood products and can hold colour for much long making it a worthwhile investment.

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